Heinz Ploughmans Pickle (320g)

Heinz Ploughmans Pickle (320g)

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1 x D & G Jamaican Ginger Beer (can/330ml)
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1 x Fray Bentos Just Steak Pie (475g)
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1 x D & G Jamaican Ginger Beer (2 Liter)
1 x Crawford's Teatime Biscuit Variety (275g)
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1 x Crawfords Family Circle Biscuit Selection - carton (900g)
1 x Ben Shaws Dandelion Burdock (can/330ml)
1 x Bisto Original Gravy Granules 170g
1 x Bisto Parsley Sauce (300g)
1 x Fray Bentos Steak & Ale Pie (475g)
1 x Ben Shaws Shandy (can/330ml)
1 x Schweppes Slim Line Tonic (1 Liter)
1 x Aunt Bessies Rhubarb Crumble (240g)
1 x Aunt Bessies Bramley Apple Crumble (240g)
1 x Hartley's Jelly Blackcurrant (tablet/135g)
1 x Aunt Bessie's Sponge Pudding - Sticky Toffee (330g)
1 x Ambrosia Devon Custard - ready made (400g)
1 x Aunt Bessie's Sponge Pudding - Chocolate (330g)
1 x Birds Dream Topping (3 x 36g)
1 x Aunt Bessie Bramley Apple Pie (550g)
1 x Hartley's Jelly Lime (tablet/135g)
1 x Birds Custard Powder (300g)
1 x Birds Instant Custard Original (75g Sachet)
1 x Birds Strawberry Flavour Trifle - 6 servings
1 x Birds Brandy Sauce (500g)
1 x Hartley's Jelly Orange (tablet/135g)
1 x Aunty's Ginger Syrup Steamed Puddings (2x95g)
1 x Freshpack Apple Pie (440g)
1 x Hartley's Jelly Lemon (tablet/135g)
1 x Aunty's Strawberry Steamed Puddings (2x95g)
1 x Angel Delight Butterscotch (sachet)
1 x Ambrosia Rice Pudding & Sultanas & Nutmeg Flavouring (400g)
1 x Aunty's Chocolate Steamed Puddings (2x95g)
1 x Aunty's Sticky Toffee Steamed Puddings (2x95g)
1 x Aunt Bessie's 2 Bramley Apple Crumble Hot Puds (290g)
1 x Linda McCartney Sausages (6/300g)
1 x Bartons Piccalilli 439g
1 x Heinz Ploughmans Pickle (320g)
1 x Linda McCartney Quarter Pounder Burgers (2 x 113g)
1 x Colmans Mint Sauce (165g)
1 x Colmans Horseradish Sauce (136ml)
1 x Linda McCartney 2 Cheese & Leek Plaits (340g)
1 x Haywards Sweet & Mild Baby Beetroot (400g)
1 x Sarsons Ready Spiced Pickling Vinegar (1.14 L)
1 x Linda McCartney 2 Red Onion & Rosemary Plaits (340g)
1 x Quorn Toad in the Hole (200g)
1 x Colmans Tartare Sauce (144g)
1 x Heinz Salad Cream - light (415g)
1 x Sarsons Malt Vinegar - catering (5L)
1 x MJ's Diner 15 Mozzarella Sticks (250g)
1 x Wrights Cheese & Onion Pasty (175g)
1 x Quorn Sausages (375g)
1 x Fry's Chicken Style Nuggets (380g)
1 x Opies Pickled Walnuts (390g)
1 x Branston Pickle Small Chunk (360g)
1 x Ocean Spray Cranberry Sauce (300g)
1 x Fry's Veg Chicken Style Burgers ( 4/320g)
1 x Iceland 2 Piri Piri Sweet Potato Burgers
1 x Sarsons Malt Vinegar - table top bottle (300ml)
1 x Iceland 2 Nacho Spicy Bean Burgers (280g)
1 x Lea & Perrins Worcester Sauce (150ml)
1 x Opies Pickled Eggs (2,3kg)
1 x Guinness Sauce (295g)
1 x Colmans Bramley Apple Sauce (155g)
1 x Linda McCartney Country Pies (2)
1 x Quorn Beef Style Roast (400g)
1 x Heinz Salad Cream - glass bottle (285g)
1 x Norland Farms Turkey (approx. 4.2kg) kr. 75 per kg.
1 x Norland Farms Turkey (approx. 9.2kg) kr. 75 per kg.
1 x Norland Farms Turkey (approx. 7.2kg) kr. 75 per kg.
1 x Turkey Crown - Iceland (1.7 - 2.1 kg)
1 x Norland Farms Turkey (approx. 5.2kg) kr. 75 per kg.
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