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Cadbury Curly Wurly 70053 Cadbury Curly Wurly 7,00kr Buy Now Vegetarian.
Cadbury Fudge (25.5g) 71036 Cadbury Fudge (25.5g) 7,00kr Buy Now Vegetarian.
Love Hearts  (Giant) 70294 Love Hearts (Giant) 8,00kr Buy Now Vegetarian.
Cadbury Caramel Egg (39g) 700262 Cadbury Caramel Egg (39g) 12,00kr  9,00kr Buy Now Vegetarian.
Cadbury Creme Egg (40g) 70016 Cadbury Creme Egg (40g) 12,00kr  9,00kr Buy Now Vegetarian.
Sherbet Fountain 70222 Sherbet Fountain 9,00kr Buy Now Vegetarian.
Milky Bar (medium) 70058 Milky Bar (medium) 10,00kr Buy Now Vegetarian.
Rolo 70060 Rolo 10,00kr Buy Now Vegetarian.
Rowntree's Randoms (50g) 71076 Rowntree's Randoms (50g) 10,00kr Buy Now
Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles (roll/ 52.5g) 70021 Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles (roll/ 52.5g) 11,00kr Buy Now
Aero Milk (36g) 71051 Aero Milk (36g) 12,00kr Buy Now Vegetarian.
Aero Mint (36g) 71053 Aero Mint (36g) 12,00kr Buy Now Vegetarian.
Cadbury Crunchie 70002 Cadbury Crunchie 12,00kr Buy Now Vegetarian.
Trebor's  Extra Strong Peppermint 70957 Trebor's Extra Strong Peppermint 12,00kr Buy Now
Cadbury Boost (48.5g) 71018 Cadbury Boost (48.5g) 13,00kr Buy Now Vegetarian.
Cadbury Flake 70004 Cadbury Flake 13,00kr Buy Now Vegetarian.
Cadbury Double Decker (54.5g) 71019 Cadbury Double Decker (54.5g) 14,00kr Buy Now Vegetarian.
Cadbury Twirl (43g) 70289 Cadbury Twirl (43g) 14,00kr Buy Now Vegetarian.
Frys Turkish Delight 70064 Frys Turkish Delight 14,00kr Buy Now Vegetarian.
Galaxy Minstrels (42g) 70116 Galaxy Minstrels (42g) 14,00kr Buy Now Vegetarian.
Yorkie Bar - Original (standard) 70234 Yorkie Bar - Original (standard) 14,00kr Buy Now Vegetarian.
Walkers Brazil Nut Toffee (100g) 70200 Walkers Brazil Nut Toffee (100g) 18,00kr Buy Now Vegetarian.
Walkers Fruit & Nut Toffee (100g) 70952 Walkers Fruit & Nut Toffee (100g) 18,00kr Buy Now Vegetarian.
Walkers Liquorice Toffee (100g) 70250 Walkers Liquorice Toffee (100g) 18,00kr Buy Now Vegetarian.
Walkers Plain Toffee (100g) 70201 Walkers Plain Toffee (100g) 18,00kr Buy Now Vegetarian.
Walkers Treacle Toffee (100g) 70939 Walkers Treacle Toffee (100g) 18,00kr Buy Now Vegetarian.
Cadbury Chopped Nut (95g) 71055 Cadbury Chopped Nut (95g) 20,00kr Buy Now Vegetarian.
Cadbury Dairy Milk (95g) 71054 Cadbury Dairy Milk (95g) 20,00kr Buy Now Vegetarian.
Cadbury Fruit & Nut (95g) 71056 Cadbury Fruit & Nut (95g) 20,00kr Buy Now Vegetarian.
Thorntons Fabulous Fudge Milk Chocolate Bar (100g) 70303 Thorntons Fabulous Fudge Milk Chocolate Bar (100g) 22,00kr Buy Now
Thorntons Special Toffee Milk Chocolate Bar (100g) 70304 Thorntons Special Toffee Milk Chocolate Bar (100g) 22,00kr Buy Now
Cadbury Caramel (120g) 71001 Cadbury Caramel (120g) 23,00kr Buy Now Vegetarian.
Jelly Beans Haribo (160g) 70947 Jelly Beans Haribo (160g) 23,00kr Buy Now Vegetarian.
Nestlé Caramac - Tube (100g) 71073 Nestlé Caramac - Tube (100g) 24,00kr Buy Now
Cadbury Chocolate Eclairs (130g) 71020 Cadbury Chocolate Eclairs (130g) 25,00kr Buy Now Vegetarian.
Nestlé Caramel Whip (1x3) 70300 Nestlé Caramel Whip (1x3) 25,00kr Buy Now
Nestlé Mint Whip (1x3) 70302 Nestlé Mint Whip (1x3) 25,00kr Buy Now
Nestlé Vanilla Whip (1x3) 70299 Nestlé Vanilla Whip (1x3) 25,00kr Buy Now
Bassett's Jelly Babies (165g) 71060 Bassett's Jelly Babies (165g) 26,00kr Buy Now
Maynards Wine Gums (165g) 71061 Maynards Wine Gums (165g) 26,00kr Buy Now
Ryedale all Butter Fudge (150g) 70297 Ryedale all Butter Fudge (150g) 28,00kr Buy Now
Turkish Delight - Chocolate Covered. (150g) 223046 Turkish Delight - Chocolate Covered. (150g) 29,00kr Buy Now
Hazer Baba Turkish Delight - Rose & Lemon. (125g) 220308 Hazer Baba Turkish Delight - Rose & Lemon. (125g) 43,00kr Buy Now
York Fruits - Box (200g) 220069 York Fruits - Box (200g) 44,00kr Buy Now Vegetarian.
Walnut Whips Gift Pack (6) 220067 Walnut Whips Gift Pack (6) 56,00kr Buy Now Vegetarian.

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2 x Wagon wheels (6 + 2 FREE)
1 x Oxo Chicken Cubes - 18 + 33% FREE (24)
1 x Freshpack Cocktail Sausage Rolls (50)
1 x Best-one Custard Creams (150g)
1 x Fray Bentos Minced Beef & Onion (425g)
1 x McVitie's Mint Club (6)
1 x Patak Vindaloo Curry Paste (283g)
1 x Wrights Premium Steak Pie (225g)
1 x Nestlé Aero Egg (308g)
1 x Bread Sauce Mix (40g sachet)
1 x Aunt Bessies Yorkshire Pudding Batters (16/490g))
1 x Crawfords Garibaldi (100g)
1 x Goldenfry Yorkshire Pudding Mix (142g)
1 x Cadbury Flake Egg (294g)
1 x Tunnocks Chocolate Teacakes (6)
1 x Hill's Gingerbread Men (5 pack + 2 FREE (21 Biscuits))
1 x Amko Beef Dripping (500g)
1 x Wrights Premium Minced Beef & Onion Pie (225g)
1 x Matchmakers Cool Mint Egg (162g)
1 x Colmans Cheddar Cheese Sauce Mix (40g)
1 x Patak Balti Curry Paste (283g)
1 x Paxo Sage & Onion Stuffing (85g)
1 x Cadbury Creme Egg - Egg (138g)
1 x Aunt Bessie Family Steak Pie (650g)
1 x Fray Bentos Steak & Kidney Pudding (400g)
1 x Colmans Chicken Chasseur Mix (43g)
1 x Trad. Buffet Pork Pies (8)
1 x Kinnerton Help for Heroes Egg (195g)
1 x Best-one Bourbon Creams (150g)
1 x Greggs 2 Corned Beef Pasties (290g)
1 x McVitie's Milk Chocolate Digestive Thins (180g)
1 x McVities Digestive Dark Chocolate (300g)
1 x Hollands 4 Meat Pies (564g)
1 x Greggs 2 Steak Bakes (280g)
1 x Hollands Steak & Kidney Puddings (4)
1 x Best-one Ginger Nuts (150g)
1 x Cadbury Roses Chocolates (tub) (660g)(bb. end March)
1 x Greggs 2 Sausage & Bean Melts
1 x McVitie's Orange Club (6)
1 x Colmans Spaghetti Bolognese Mix (44g)
1 x Wrights Pork Pie - large (410g)
1 x Wrights Peppered Steak Slice (165g)
1 x Goldenfry Chip Shop Batter Mix (170g)
1 x Colmans Chilli Con Carne Sauce Mix (50g)
1 x Pars Lamb Scotch Pies (2)
1 x Freshpack Mighty Cottage Pie (680g)
1 x Patak Tikka Masala Paste (283g)
1 x Cadbury Milk Chocolate Fingers (114g)
1 x Hazer Baba Rose & Lemon Turkish Delight (125g)
1 x Fray Bentos Steak & Kidney Pie (425g tin)
1 x Cadbury Buttons Egg (85g)
1 x Paterson's Rough Oatcakes (250g)
1 x Fox's Chocolate Viennese Melts (120g + 50% Free)(BB. 27 Jan)
1 x Pukka 2 Chicken & Gravy Microwave Pies
1 x Wrights Jumbo Sausage Roll (150g)
1 x Colmans Shepherds Pie Casserole Mix (50g)
1 x Fox's Double Chocolate Crunch Creams (230g)
1 x Viscount Mint Cream Biscuits (7)
1 x Marmite - 2 Egg Cups & 2 Chocolate Eggs (34g)
1 x Homepride Tomato & Herb Bake (450g)
1 x Mr. Kipling Deep Filled Mince Pies (1 x 6)(Fresh Date 10 01 18)
1 x Colmans Savoury White Sauce Mix (25g)
1 x Wrights Premium Chicken and Mushroom Pie (230g)
1 x Cadbury Mini Eggs - Egg (130g)
1 x Cadbury Buttons Egg (128g)
1 x Greggs 2 Vegetable Pasties (310g)
1 x Crawfords Family Circle Biscuit Selection - carton (900g)
1 x McVitie's Fruit Shortcake (200g)
1 x Wrights Premium Steak and Kidney Pie (225g)
1 x Cadbury Creme Egg - Egg (495g)
1 x Blue Riband (6)
1 x Patak Extra Hot Paste (283g)
1 x Cadbury Crunchie Egg (278g)
1 x Wrights Beef & Vegetable Pasty (210g)
1 x Royal Iced Fruit Xmas Cake (1.025kg)(BB. 31 01 18)
1 x Bolands Lemon Puff (200g)
1 x Cadbury Dairy Milk Egg (331g)
1 x Goldenfry Farmhouse Dumplings Mix (142g)
1 x Fray Bentos Just Chicken (tin/425g)
1 x Aero Bubbles Pouch (113g)(bb. end July)
1 x Wrights Meat and Potato Pie (260g)
1 x Greggs 4 Sausage Rolls (427g)
1 x Princes Chicken & Mushroom Pie (tin/425g)
1 x Cadbury Dairy Milk Eggs (93g)
1 x Wrights Premium Chicken Balti Pie (225g)
1 x Patak Rogan Josh Paste (283g)
2 x Tunnocks Snowballs (4/120g)
1 x Matchmakers Orange Egg (162g)
1 x Colmans Chicken Casserole Mix (40g)
1 x McVitie's Rich Tea Biscuits (200g)
1 x Fox's Ginger Crunch Creams 230g
1 x McVitie's Jaffa Cakes (10/112g)
1 x Tunnocks Milk Choc Caramel Wafers (4)
1 x Aero Milk (36g)(bb. end March)
1 x Colmans Pepper Sauce Mix (40g)
1 x Hollands 4 Lancashire Hot Pots (960g)
1 x Aunt Bessies Yorkshire Pudding (12)
1 x McVitie's Ginger Nuts (250g)
1 x Bassett's Jelly Babies (165g)
1 x Cadbury Caramel Egg (39g)
1 x Galaxy Minstrels (42g)
1 x Terry's All Gold Milk Chocolates (190g)
1 x Cadbury Boost (48.5g)
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