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Aero Milk (36g) 71051 Aero Milk (36g) 12,00kr Buy Now Vegetarian.
Aero Mint (36g) 71053 Aero Mint (36g) 12,00kr Buy Now Vegetarian.
Bassett's Jelly Babies (165g) 71060 Bassett's Jelly Babies (165g) 26,00kr Buy Now
Black Magic Dark Chocolates (174g) 71043 Black Magic Dark Chocolates (174g) 63,00kr Buy Now Vegetarian.
Cadbury Boost (48.5g) 71018 Cadbury Boost (48.5g) 13,00kr Buy Now Vegetarian.
Cadbury Caramel (120g) 71001 Cadbury Caramel (120g) 23,00kr Buy Now Vegetarian.
Cadbury Chocolate Eclairs (130g) 71020 Cadbury Chocolate Eclairs (130g) 25,00kr Buy Now Vegetarian.
Cadbury Chopped Nut (95g) 71055 Cadbury Chopped Nut (95g) 20,00kr Buy Now Vegetarian.
Cadbury Crunchie 70002 Cadbury Crunchie 12,00kr Buy Now Vegetarian.
Cadbury Curly Wurly 70053 Cadbury Curly Wurly 7,00kr Buy Now Vegetarian.
Cadbury Dairy Milk (95g) 71054 Cadbury Dairy Milk (95g) 20,00kr Buy Now Vegetarian.
Cadbury Double Decker (54.5g) 71019 Cadbury Double Decker (54.5g) 14,00kr Buy Now Vegetarian.
Cadbury Flake 70004 Cadbury Flake 13,00kr Buy Now Vegetarian.
Cadbury Fruit & Nut (95g) 71056 Cadbury Fruit & Nut (95g) 20,00kr Buy Now Vegetarian.
Cadbury Fudge (25.5g) 71036 Cadbury Fudge (25.5g) 7,00kr Buy Now Vegetarian.
Cadbury Time Out (21,2g) 71062 Cadbury Time Out (21,2g) 8,00kr Buy Now Vegetarian.
Cadbury Twirl (43g) 70289 Cadbury Twirl (43g) 14,00kr Buy Now Vegetarian.
Frys Turkish Delight 70064 Frys Turkish Delight 14,00kr Buy Now Vegetarian.
Galaxy Minstrels (42g) 70116 Galaxy Minstrels (42g) 14,00kr Buy Now Vegetarian.
Jelly Beans Haribo (160g) 70947 Jelly Beans Haribo (160g) 23,00kr Buy Now Vegetarian.
Love Hearts  (Giant) 70294 Love Hearts (Giant) 8,00kr Buy Now Vegetarian.
Maynards Wine Gums (165g) 71061 Maynards Wine Gums (165g) 26,00kr Buy Now
Milky Bar (medium) 70058 Milky Bar (medium) 10,00kr Buy Now Vegetarian.
Rolo 70060 Rolo 10,00kr Buy Now Vegetarian.
Rowntree's Randoms (50g) 71076 Rowntree's Randoms (50g) 10,00kr Buy Now
Rowntrees Fruit Gums (roll/48g) 71013 Rowntrees Fruit Gums (roll/48g) 12,00kr Buy Now
Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles (roll/ 52.5g) 70021 Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles (roll/ 52.5g) 11,00kr Buy Now
Sherbet Fountain 70222 Sherbet Fountain 9,00kr Buy Now Vegetarian.
Terry's Chocolate Orange Bar (35g) 71059 Terry's Chocolate Orange Bar (35g) 13,00kr Buy Now Vegetarian.
Terry's Milk Chocolate Orange (157g) 223029 Terry's Milk Chocolate Orange (157g) 39,00kr Buy Now Vegetarian.
Trebor's  Extra Strong Peppermint 70957 Trebor's Extra Strong Peppermint 12,00kr Buy Now
Walkers Brazil Nut Toffee (100g) 70200 Walkers Brazil Nut Toffee (100g) 18,00kr Buy Now Vegetarian.
Walkers Fruit & Nut Toffee (100g) 70952 Walkers Fruit & Nut Toffee (100g) 18,00kr Buy Now Vegetarian.
Walkers Liquorice Toffee (100g) 70250 Walkers Liquorice Toffee (100g) 18,00kr Buy Now Vegetarian.
Walkers Plain Toffee (100g) 70201 Walkers Plain Toffee (100g) 18,00kr Buy Now Vegetarian.
Walkers Treacle Toffee (100g) 70939 Walkers Treacle Toffee (100g) 18,00kr Buy Now Vegetarian.
Walnut Whips Gift Pack (6) 220067 Walnut Whips Gift Pack (6) 56,00kr Buy Now Vegetarian.
Yorkie Bar - Original (standard) 70234 Yorkie Bar - Original (standard) 14,00kr Buy Now Vegetarian.

Result Pages:  1  Displaying 1 to 38 (of 38 products)
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1 x Walkers Crisps - same flavour - Box of 32 x 32.5g
1 x Walkers Crisps - mixed flavours - Box of 32 x 32.5g
1 x Mug Shot Chilli Flavour Noodles (50g)
1 x Twiglets (45g)
1 x Hula Hoops Original (34g)
1 x Butterkist Toffee Popcorn (160g)
1 x Walkers Crisps Cheese & Onion Flavour (32.5g)
1 x Walkers Roast Chicken Crisps (32.5g)
1 x Jacob's Original Mini Cheddars (50g)
1 x Walkers Crisps Smokey Bacon Flavour (32.5g)
1 x Mug Shots Sweet & Sour Flavour Noodles(60g)
1 x Walkers Crisps Worcester Flavour (32.5g)
1 x Cheese Quavers (20g)
1 x Mug Shot Chicken Flavour Noodles (46g)
1 x Walkers Crisps Prawn Cocktail Flavour (32.5g)
1 x Smith's Scampi Fries (27g)
1 x Mug Shot Barbecue Flavour Noodles (50g)
1 x Smiths Bacon Fries Flavour (25g)
1 x Mr. Kipling Cherry Bakewells (6)
1 x Coppenrath & Wiese Strawberry Cheesecake (485g)
1 x Bird's Eye Potato Waffles (10)
1 x McVitie's Fruit Cake (194g)
1 x Aunt Bessies Yorkshire Pudding Batters (12 + 4 FREE)
1 x Iceland 10 Jam & Cream Donuts (520g)
1 x Jackson's Thick Sliced White Bread - 5 or over
1 x Freshpack Apple Pie (440g)
1 x Roberts 4 Fruity Teacakes
1 x Warburton's 4 Toasting Muffins
1 x Jackson's Thick Sliced White Bread (800g)
1 x Coppenrath & Wiese Strawberry Gateau (375g)
1 x Coppenrath & Wiese Black Forest Gateau (375g)
1 x Mr. Kings 6 Dairy Cream Eclairs (156g)
1 x Jackson's Thick Sliced Brown Bread (800g)
1 x Soreen Malt Loaf (190g)
1 x Robert's Floury White Rolls (6)
1 x Aunt Bessies Yorkshire Pudding (12)
1 x Jackson's Thick Sliced Brown Bread - 5 or over
1 x Warburtons Crumpets (6)
1 x Aunt Bessie Bramley Apple Pie (550g)
1 x Roberts Hot Cross Buns (4)
1 x Sword Potato Scones (6)
1 x Heinz Spaghetti Hoops (400g)
1 x Fray Bentos Chicken & Bacon Pie (425g, tin)
1 x Spam (340g)
1 x Princes Grapefruit Segments in Juice (411g)
1 x Heinz Baked Beans & Sausages (205g)
1 x Spam (200g)
1 x Princes Chicken & Mushroom Pie (tin/425g)
1 x Heinz Macaroni Cheese (200g)
1 x Plumrose Pork Luncheon Meat (250g)
1 x Fray Bentos Just Chicken (tin/425g)
1 x Heinz Baked Beans (200g)
1 x Heinz Beanz Curry (tin/390g)
1 x Grants Lamb Haggis (392g tin)
1 x Heinz Spaghetti in Tomato Sauce (400g)
1 x Branston Baked Beans (410g)
1 x Heinz Ravioli in Tomato Sauce (400g)
1 x Heinz Beans & Sausages (415g)
1 x Princes Corned Beef (340g)
1 x Carnation Evaporated Milk (170g)
1 x Heinz Macaroni & Cheese (400g)
1 x Princes Corned Beef (200g)
1 x Heinz Baked Beans (415g)
1 x Carnation Evaporated Milk (410g)
1 x Heinz Spaghetti Hoops (205g)
1 x Carnation Condensed Milk (397g)
1 x Fray Bentos Steak & Kidney Pie (425g tin)
1 x Baxters Lentil & Bacon Soup (tin/400g)
1 x Campbell's Condensed Cream of Chicken Soup (tin/295g)
1 x Campbell's Condensed Cream of Mushroom Soup (tin/295g)
1 x Batchelor's Potato & Leek Cup a Soup (4 sachets)
1 x Heinz Mulligatawny Soup (tin/400g)
1 x Batchelor's Broccoli & Cauliflower Cup a Soup (4 Sachets)
1 x Heinz Cream of Mushroom Soup (tin/400g)
1 x Heinz Scotch Broth (400g)
1 x Heinz Oxtail Soup (tin/400g)
1 x Batchelor's Chicken & Vegegetable Cup a Soup (4 Sachets)
1 x Batchelors Cream of Vegetable Cup a Soup (4 sachets)
1 x Stute Diabetic Blackcurrant Extra Jam (430g)
1 x Hartleys Olde English Marmalade - orange (454g)
1 x Stute Diabetic Orange Thick Cut Marmalade (430g)
1 x Robertsons Golden Shred - Orange (454g)
1 x Roses Lemon & Lime Marmalade (454g)
1 x Stute Diabetic Strawberry Jam (430g)
1 x Stute Diabetic Apricot Extra Jam (no added sugar) (430g)
1 x Roses Lime Marmalade (454g)
1 x Stute Diabetic Morello Cherry Extra Jam (no added sugar)(430g)
1 x Robertsons Silver Shred - lemon (454g)
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